Collateral Loans


We give high value of collateral loans compared with other companies.


We are able to get approval on your loan application in half an hour time and make sure your security items are in good condition.


We impose very low processing fees on your loan application compared to other money lender companies.


We designed especially for you on the schedule of payment that will not burden your monthly expenses.

About Our
Collateral Loans

We are able to accept many types of collateral items, for example : Notebook, Mobile, Tablet, Ipad and other valuable items.

We give higher loan amount ,longer loan tenure and lower interest rate with collateral items. In the meantime, we also provide free evaluation on your collateral items. We will assess your collateral items, if the amount of collateral acceptable to you, the money will be given immediately to you along with the receipt of collateral. For loan application, no guarantor are needed to involve in secured loans from us. You are only required to bring along your IC and VALUABLE items during loan applications.

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Our Loans Advantages

Higher Loan Amount

We offer our loans that special designed to meet your needs and with fast approval scheme.

Lower Interest Rate

Our scheme are designed to meet your needs and match you with the financial situation, interest rates as low as 1% per month and the repayment period are flexible.

Higher Valuation

Our Company provide free evaluation on your collateral items and provide you higher loan amount. If you agreed with the amount, we able to provide you cash.